Mathilde Gerbelli-Gauthier

Email: [first name].[first last name]-[second last name]
Office: Burnside 1248
Pronouns: she/her


I am a CRM-ISM postdoctoral fellow at McGill University. I completed my Ph.D. in Spring 2020 at the University of Chicago, under the supervision of Matt Emerton. Here is a link to my CV.

I work in number theory and representation theory. These days, I mainly think about non-tempered automorphic representations and the cohomology of arithmetic groups. You can watch a talk I gave about my work for a general mathematical audience.

I am from Québec and I have a French first name. For anglophones, it is pronounced "Matild" and rhymes with "build" and "thrilled".

I am on the academic job market in Fall 2023!

Papers and Preprints

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